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Who I am

I'm Barbora, a 33 years old cosmopolitan - born in Prague, lived in Mozabique, Norway, Denmark and now in London.

Tantra is not my job, it is the way of my life. I'm here to be your guide to help you to explore your relation with your body and sexuality in sefe comfortable space. What ever reason you have for that journey of exploration. I work throug therapeutic aproach. Please read more about that ... (coming soon)


Through social work, I have been working with people since I was 20. Nowadays, I work with education using Tantra, body work, systemic therapeutic thinking, sex-coaching and yoga. Last year I have spend to study Psychosexua Somatic Therapy and starting to work as therapist with intimacy and sexual energy blocks.


I have been working with Tantra, sexuality, therapy, psychology and meditation through different techniques, exercises and seminars and I believe I have a lot to share. For several years, I have been fortunate to work with Dynamic Tantra, tantric massage, yoni-lingam touch (regain contact) and sex-fullness seminars in the Mahamudra Institute in Denmark. 

During this time, I have been inviting women, men and couples to Tantric sessions and sex-pleasure coaching.I have also been leading tantric evenings for couples and groups who are interested in exploring their sexuality, relation to their body and intimacy, and personal development.


If you would like to know more about my story

My professional life originally started as a pedagogue and a social worker. Nowadays, I work with Psychosexual Somatic Therapy, Tantra, sexuality, body work, meditation, yoga, dance. 
I was first captured by the Tantra universe a long time ago and have been seeking to get to know what it Tantra ever since. After lots of searching, I realised that I cannot learn Tantra. I can only find myself in Tantra and perceive, feel myself through that experience. I slowly got to know my body and my sexuality as my nature and the added benefit was experiencing pure sensation. This is why I am fascinated by how sexuality feels, how it works and what impact it has on my life.
I have been through a lot of seminars and courses, of course, but how important are they all actually? I have learned that the key is to experience and enjoy contact and conciseness and this is how I've decided to start sharing Tantra with others. It became my daily life. I am happy and feel grateful to share what I know with others and invite them to enjoy their own journey.