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Tantra massage

My Tantric Massage


Tantra-massage is for everybody regardless of gender, age, race or sexual orientation. It is about creating an authentic act of honouring body and sexuality through the dynamic intimate body contact.


Mahamudra Tantra massage is an invitation to wake up your senses and increase your awareness. Feel again life-force in your body and recharge your energy.

It is an opportunity to let go of the need to manage your mind and body, and to embrace your pure nature including a deeper understanding and experiencing of your sexual energy and emotions. 

For many people this is a daunting prospect - to be free to follow impulses of the body. Through touch and loving body contact you end up on a joyous journey releasing control over your body. No focus. It is beyond rights and wrongs. No agendas. No targets. 

It is your journey to discover your potential, feel your energy, enjoy your life.


You are very welcome to ask or write me, if you have any questions.



I offer tantra massage session with free consultation (tantric guidance - sex, pleasure coaching) 

  • 1,5 up to 2 hours massage session for £180 
  • 2 up to 2,5 hours massage session for £230 

 it is crucial not to feel rushed



What is my Tantric massage like?

Free consultation

When you first arrive, we will start with a short consultation, where we get to know each other and answer any practical questions. It is also an opportunity to open up and speak freely about your needs and expectations, stuff you may want to investigate through Tantra.

Tantra massage invitation

When you feel free to continue into our massage session, I will show you my Tantra room. You are welcome to take a shower (recommended) before and after massage.

In the Tantra room, we'll meet wrapped in Sarongs (a traditional cloth). We start with few short tantric exercises of awareness and meditation.  

It's not necessary to have any previous knowledge of Tantra, you won't have to do anything specific. I will guide you throughout the massage, your entire body will simply enjoy the touch and connection. You will be able to dive deep into your own sensations, and feel your energi by following my guidance and the impulses of your own body.

I use high quality organic oils (coconut, almond and essential oils). If you have any allergies or do not feel comfortable using oil, we can work around this.

With any more questions, or to make a booking, please contact me.