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Tantra session for couples

Tantra session for couples

I see Tantra as an invitation - an invitation to enjoy being myself in the meeting with my partner. It is not about learning and following techniques, it is an invitation to sexual loving rituals that celebrate our individuality as well as our togetherness.


Giving and getting pleasure in sex is beautiful but it can often lead to unfilled expectations and then to frustrations. And as my experiences are … lovers’ play can be more than just that.

I am here to create an open space for you both meet in love, intimacy, desire, lust, a space free from expectations and agendas.My sessions are designed to invite couples to a different way of feeling, sensing, experiencing yourselves.

And yes I do use techniques, but as invitation not as rules, to explore and wonder, to be curious, have fun and wake up excitement, be open and playful, discover yours limits and potential.


The sessions are driven by the lovers’ own wishes and curiosity after short chat. I lead you but we create all play together. You will always be encouraged to openly express how you feel, what works and what doesn’t work for you individually or, as a couple.

We can go through honouring rituals to breathing and touching exercises.

For couples, my Tantric sessions are an exciting opportunity to get out of the routine and expand and deepen together.



Session can take from 1 up til 3 hours and price is £120 per hour. But we can talk individualy about price, if you are interested to continue few sessions.