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Tantra therapy

  Tantra guidance - tantric therapy - sex&pleasure coaching

Are you seeking help with your sexual life - Do you want to understand your body and sexuality - Are you interested in going further and deepening your contact with yourself through practicing Tantra? 

I am here to share with you what I know and lead you through my Tantra - sex - pleasure couaching sessions.

Tantric therapy is guidance to a liberating path to understanding, an understanding that comes to you through your senses, not through thinking and analyzing. Nobody else can really understand you better then you on your own. I am purely here to guide you through.


It is very individual how a session develops. I create it together with you -  depending on your needs and interests, this may be learning the principles of Tantric massage, Tantra excercise, body work, meditation, or a combination of these.


A session can take from 1 uptil 3 hours.  It is €100 per hour.