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Terapeutical Tantra sessions


Everything around me and within me is living and moving and interacting. It is my belief that this is the essence of Systemic Tantra Therapy - everything affects everything else.

You don't just read this text; hundreds of little processes take place simultaneously in your mind and body for you to be able to do so. Society is no different - countless people interacting and affecting each other. The planet as a whole is an even bigger interconnected system. Everything affects everything else.


In the Systemic Tantra Sessions I invite you to wonder. Open your mind to other possibilities, away from conventional thinking, expectations, guilt, shame and seek other, new opportunities for yourself. I invite you to think through wonder - free of judgments, preconceptions and definitions that take away your freedom.


What we call 'problems' are often here as useful signs in life. How I understand my problems and the feelings arising from them? How do they affect me? What changes can I make to make them disappear? What shall I change to feel different?


Let us wonder about it together. I do not claim to own The Truth. My Systemic Tantra Sessions invite, they don’t dictate. It's about enabling you to look at the conflicts in your life and think about them in a new way, free of judgments. I am here to guide you and wonder with you. There is no one right answer and no single recipe to follow, we simply talk openly and freely. Ultimately, the change comes from within you, inspired and enabled by your raised awareness. When appropriate, some sessions may also include body work.