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My Tantra

My Tantra - Mahamudra Tantra - an invitation to pure experience of your nature. 


If you ask me what is Tantra, I won’t give you an exact answer, simply because it is pure individual experience of yourself. You can understand it as: Tantra is an invitation to experience yourself and feel connection with your body, your sexual-body energy....  I create a space for you where you can explore... all that comes to you, all you feel is important for you to work with.


It is an opportunity to free your mind from control, fear, guilt and shame; to not live in sexual fantasy and expectations, that can often brigs frustrations and misunderstanding and finally feeling of emptiness and isolation. Let Tantra to show you different way of experience sexuality.

Tantra opens new ways of experiencing, understanding and feeling yourself. It's the journey of yours to your own greater consciousness. Be free and enjoy it as it comes to you. I will be your guide.



The Tantra massage is probably the enjoyable first step on this journey. It is also one of the most beautiful and meaningful ways of inviting someone into Tantra.

For them who are practising yoga and are experienced with Tantric massage there is also possiblity to discover freedom and happiness through spontaneous movement and body dynamic throug my Dynamic tantra massage.


I am happy to offer Tantric guidance for couples. My Tantric sessions are an exciting opportunity to get out of the routine and expand and deepen togetherness. Come and learn about different ways of intimacy and new inspiration in your relation. 


 For all, who seek help with intimacy and seuxal life and want to get deeper into, possibly to get to know principles of Tantra and tantric massage, I invite you to Tantric guidance (sex-coaching) Tantric session.


By inviting you to my Tantra I will be helping you discover your own understanding, your own individual experience, in short - your Tantra journey. It's all about you connecting with your own nature, your sexuality, your life force.


Please understand that although extremely sensual and enjoyable, Tantric massage is not in any way a sex service. There are no specific requests.

Note that the sessions are not driven by time - they can sometimes take longer and there is no rush to finish.


With any more questions, or to make an appointment, please contact me. 

lovely greetings Barbora